If you are not watching NHK, You are NOT need to pay for NHK broadcast reception fee.

The introduction of NHK repealing label

If you are not watching NHK, You are NOT need to pay for NHK broadcast reception fee.

NHK visitors give us false information.
They threaten people of foreign nationality living in Japan and make us contract.

Article 64 of the Broadcast Law
Any person who has installed receiving equipment capable of receiving the broadcasting provided by NHK shall conclude a contract with NHK with regard to the reception of its broadcasting. However, this shall not apply to those who have installed receiving equipment not intended for the reception of broadcasting, or receiving equipment solely for the reception of radio broadcasting or multiplex broadcasting (broadcasting of voice and other sound transmissions not coming under television broadcasting and multiplex broadcasting classifications).

NHK Corporate Information | Receiving Fee System

When NHK visitors come, let’s take a video with your smartphone

Because NHK visitors are lying, they hate to be left with evidence.
Most visitors will run away once they are filmed.

Tell them “You have to leave”

If you say “お帰りください”(okaeri kudasai – You have to leave.) while taking a video, they will definitely leave.
Even if 5 minutes or more have passed, it is a crime if they do not leave.

Penal Code Article 130
A person who, without justifiable grounds, breaks into a residence of another person or into the premises, building or vessel guarded by another person, or who refuses to leave such a place upon demand shall be punished by imprisonment with work for not more than 3 years or a fine of not more than 100,000 yen.

Japanese Law Translation – [Law text] – Penal Code

Call the police

If you say “You have to leave” but they do not leave, call the police.
Japan’s police emergency call number is 110.
Please make a phone call without hesitation.

Talk to “The party to protect the people from nhk”

If you are in trouble about the coming of NHK visitors, or if you have questions about NHK receiving fee system, please call “The party to protect the people from nhk”.

The party’s phone number is 03-3696-0750.
(If you have a foreign phone line, dial 81-3-3696-0750 after the international dialing number.)
They accept phone calls from 10 am to 11 pm.
Please speak in Japanese.

NHK should conduct scrambled broadcasting

Scramble broadcasting is a method of delivering television images to only those who have paid television viewing fees.
A technology developed for digital television broadcast pay channels.

If so, those who do not want to see NHK will not have to pay, and they will be able to kick out those who try to watch NHK for free.

While this is a technology that has already been implemented in WOWOW and SKY Perfect, NHK does not try to do this.












TEL:03-3696-0750 (本部 ※5回線のため混雑している場合があります。)
TEL:090-3350-0267 (電話予約用・応答不可。ワンコールで切って構いません。上記の03の番号から折り返し電話が来ます。)





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